30 September 2013

I'm leaving

On 1st December 2011, I bought my first Android phone, and it was really awesome at the time :) But, as time passed, my phone started to fail, in speed, batery and dev support :( but that didn't stop this blog from reaching over 74000 views from its starting on July 2011 :)
On 14th Septeber 2013, I bought my new smartphone, Alcatel One Touch X'Pop 5035D :D
So I guess this is my last post on this blog. It was a nice experience of having a blog dedicated to my phone but s*** happens :P 
I'll start a new blog, dedicated to my new phone.
I'll do my best to repair all broken links in the next 10 days.
Thank you for your support!
I'm not a developer, I'm just a blogger, for now... :)
Best regards,
Stefan Ostojic from Serbia! :D

11 September 2013

Galaxy Mini TouchWiz v5 for ICS

The UI is totally themed based on TouchWiz Nature UX. The ROM is beautiful and fast as it is based on AOSP ICS Project by MMB Team.

New Admin !

Hey Guys,

Im the new admin i'll post some custom roms for the galaxy mini,
And you can e-mail me ( seppesios@gmail.com ) some roms you like and i'll maybe post it on this blog.

See ya!

08 August 2013

Galaxy Mini New Experience v9.9.1 by autoradio78

There are so many Custom ROM developers for Galaxy Mini, but as time passes, the developers start focusing on newer devices and stop updateing older releases, but that's a normal thing and all developer are aware of that fact. But not all developers are focused only on newer smartphones, there's still light at the end of the tunnel for Galaxy Mini users. 

30 July 2013

Galaxy Mini CyanogenMod 7.2 Official

Today we will present you probably the most commonly used Custom ROM for Galaxy Mini and other Android devices overall. This is the latest version of CyanogenMod for Galaxy Mini and probably the most stable one, yet it doesn't have that many features and style compared to the other ones that I reviewed here.

03 February 2013

I need a second admin for this blog, NOW

I've started a new blog, Cool apps for Galaxy Mini , dedicated for reviewing the best of the best apps for Android, especially for Galaxy Mini. It currently has only one post but every blog, even this one, starts like that. I'm expecting it to be even more successful than Galaxy Mini Customized.
Also I've made a Google+Facebook and Twitter page for this blog, so you can follow, share and like us on your favorite social network.

I need a new administrator for this blog I can't make it all alone

24 November 2012

Galaxy Mini CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich by TheWhisp

After presenting the CM10 port for Galaxy Mini, by TheWhisp, I'm now introducing the Ice Cream Sandwich Custom ROM for your device. If you consider the features the ROM it's pretty stable. I think about 90% of the ROM is fully functional and stable enough for every day use. I personally think there's no visual deference between ICS and JB, the JB is only slightly better under the hood.

02 November 2012

Galaxy Mini CM10 Jelly Bean by TheWhisp

Today I will present you the latest Android 4.1 OS, also known as Jelly Bean, or CM10. I was pretty sceptic when I first heard that there was a port for Galaxy Mini. I tough it was very lagy and unstable like the ICS port, but thankfully, I was wrong. Actually Its really smoth and a whole bunch of things really work. I even used it for a few days but, I don't fully recommend it for daily use. Battery consumption isn't enormous like I tough it will be, but it isn't perfect.

23 September 2012

Galaxy Mini CyanMobile eXperience - Stable Release

So far, the best Custom ROM I know for Galaxy Mini. It has all features, tweaks you can ever think of. I didn't experienced any bugs while I was using it. The battery life is really good, if we consider the possibilities of this ROM. I use it for daily use.

16 September 2012

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery

Today I'm going to show you how to install a Custom Recovery on your device. This things allow you to install Custom ROMs and some other stuff on your Android phone.
Every phone has a specific Recovery for itself, so don try to install this on other phones.